West Seattle Karate Academy with Kris Wilder, Sensei.
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Adults Continued...

Whether you've taken a martial art in the past and would like to begin training again, or you've never tried anything of the kind before, you will find training at our dojo a fun and friendly training atmosphere. Maybe you've decided its time to get into shape after falling out of a regular exercise regimen and wanted to try something new and different. Maybe you're looking to try something that has more depth than what you've done before, or offers a greater challenge. Maybe you've always dreamed of someday earning a black belt in a martial art and decided that it's now or never. Whatever your reason, there's a couple things you'll want to consider.

Joining a dojo is not like joining a health club.

You don't just show up whenever you feel like it and figure you'll make progress. It's a decision that requires a solid commitment to learn and to improve. With perseverance, comes the reward of learning something really challenging and complex. For many adults, the experience of learning a martial art in adulthood is particularly rewarding because of the intensity of the experience. After a hard day at work, there is simply nothing quite like coming to the dojo, emptying the mind (what is called ?mokuso?) and training to leave the day's stresses behind.

You don't have to be a particular body type or size or age to excel.

The most important things are discipline and determination, not the physical gifts you've been given.The time it takes you to get from one level to the next is up to you and you alone. It is not a race; it is a challenge with infinite rewards for those that step on the path.

That said, the benefits of karate are many. A sense of accomplishment, camaraderie, improved health and reflexes, improved concentration and sharpness of mind, a challenge like you've never had before, and a lifetime to do it in. Unlike taking tennis or snowboarding lessons, the learning doesn't end with the season or the series of classes you purchased. It's a path that you can walk your entire life, with the opportunity to learn something new at every turn.


"After working in Japan for many years I moved to Seattle and spent many days searching for a dojo that matched the attitude and depth of the martial arts training I left. I found this and more at the West Seattle Karate Academy."

- Larry Schenck