West Seattle Karate Academy with Kris Wilder, Sensei.
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Kids Continued...

With all the extra-curricular activities and pursuits available for kids to explore it can be hard to decide which ones your child might like to try.

Karate offers a unique combination of benefits unlike any other activity.

Here are a couple things you'll want to know:

It's not like choosing soccer or basketball or other seasonal sports.

With seasonal sports, you have a beginning, middle and end. When you're a kid, this means you learn as much as you can as fast as you can and then compete against other teams. When the season is over, you're either done with sports for a while or you pick up whatever sport coincides with the next season. And do it all over again. You build skills, certainly, but not in the same way or with the same depth you do with karate, which is a year-round activity. And not only is it year-round, it's something that can be practiced over an entire lifetime.

Karate for Kids

It's much more than skills and drills.

Karate teaches kids discipline, the rewards of long-term commitment and dedication to a craft, camaraderie, respect and self confidence, lessons that will benefit far beyond the dojo floor, into the classroom and into the world. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

At West Seattle Karate Academy, we've trained kids from Kindergarten through their teen years and beyond. They not only learn an ages-old self-defense art with a world of interesting elements, they learn to mentor those younger than them, to pass on skills and example-setting behavior.

The atmosphere is friendly, with kids making friends while training together. We also have activities like Family Movie Night at the dojo where parents and kids and their friends can enjoy an evening of fun together.


Photo Gallery of our Kids class at a community fair.

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Books specifically written for the youthful martial artist.
"The Way Of Martial Arts For Kids", by Sensei Wilder